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1what is the city of opel automobile?
2what is the country code of latvia?
3projects funded by the fp7 program
4projects in the area of mathematics
5projects in mass spectrometry
6show ERC research domains in the diagnostics tools panel
7what are the participants of the project alfred
8Starting year of the project theseus
9organizations in the eawareness project
10ending year of projects in the area of climate change
11panels of projects in genome editing
12projects starting in 2019 with the university of zurich
13count the ERC projects in the applied life sciences domain
14topics of projects in life sciences
15linguistics projects related to the human mind
16All projects that started in 2015 in switzerland
17ERC projects whose principal investigator is Michael Smith
18grants received by projects in big data
19total grants received by projects in the area of materials technology
20projects starting in 2016 whose host is the university of zurich
21full name of principal investigators of projects hosted in france
22titles of erc projects with coordinators from piemonte
23universities which are coordinators in climate change projects
24countries with no projects
25projects with a cost higher than 1 million
26projects started after November 2019
27projects including organizations from greece and romania
28projects not including organizations from greece nor romania
29find the project with the highest funding
30find the country with the highest number of projects